30 June 2015

A Red Brick Delight

I have always relished the look of the great Australian suburban house. 
I did not realise, until I had travelled to the outback of NSW and Queensland, that the houses, which fill our suburbs, with their terracotta red bricks and roof tiles, 
reflect precisely the colours of the outback, with its terracotta red soil and the ever present blue sky. 
I draw great delight from the way people love their houses and take such pride, and make such an effort in creating a sense of place and home.

The beauty that lives within this style of architecture and speaks to me, also speaks to a contemporary, engaging artist, Peter O’Doherty.
Peter creates memorable paintings based on the ubiquitous urban landscape, focusing primarily on red brick suburban houses and flats.  
I have always appreciated his vision and way he crafts the imagery of his subject matter. 
He is a recognized artist, with work being included in Sydney’s highly acclaimed Salon des Refus├ęs. 

Peter’s work is shown at King Street Gallery on William at 177 William Street,Darlinghurst, NSW 2010. 

26 June 2015

Pat a pup today

It's National Dog Day today, so pat a pup or say hello or just remember to appreciate our furry friends' tolerance and unconditional love for us.

Dogs rock...(and so do cats.)

25 June 2015

"Love has a glow like a neon sign...

Shiftazine was sitting in a bar called Goros in Mary Street, Surry Hills (Inner city Sydney) the other night. 
It is a Japanese bar, with Japanese beer and Japanese bar foods, and crazy Japanese TV shows and neon lights lighting up the air that I breathed.  
I kept taking photos of the neon graphics that sat in their place behind the bar. Why?
I guess Neon lights, of all descriptions just bring me joy.
I delight in the colour and glow they radiate, filling the space I am inhabiting at that present moment. 
Just fascinating.
This joy brought me to remember to tell you all to remember to celebrate the thing that brings you JOY 
on 25th November every year. JOYDAY

21 June 2015

From the gutter to you

My mother grew up at Bondi beach. Deeply engaged with the constant sea’s presence in her young life, she ran in its waves and walked on the golden sand.  
She spent her days looking not out at the horizon, but down in order to gather evidence of her powerful companion, in the form of pretty seashells, seaweed and quirky, strange detritus. 

Many years on, I also find myself looking down as I walk along, also attempting to find interesting fragments of life, 
but this time it's the evidence of the inner city area where I work and live. 

Being in the gutter is often used as an insult. But looking in gutters will allow you to find a constant source of curious and engaging artifacts that always brings a smile or a question to one.