17 May 2018

Colour and Movement

Clowns are the epitome of colour and movement.

These particular clowns are apart of that frustrating game that inhabits the side-show alleys of circuses and agricultural fairs and shows of then and now.

They are full of colour, so here are some analyses of the colours captured in a blur.

15 May 2018

Athen's streetscape: May Wallism

Shiftazine has posted observations before about Athens and it’s renewal.

This city is a constant surprise and source of inspiration and delight.
And despite the financial hardships and extraordinary difficult situations, it still brings forth a visual langauge that is memorable. 

The walls of this splendid city are full of ‘Wallisms’. They come in many styles.
 Some are just spontaneous scribbles, some call it graffiti. 
Some of the ‘Wallisms’ are well-executed images, that are considered and crafted and beautiful.

Just love Athens!

07 May 2018

Art incubation

NEWCASTLE’s collaborative art space, The Creator Incubator is contained in a space which includes 
an exhibition gallery, workshop area and enough studio space for many artists of all media.

The Creator Incubator, has more than 24 artists whose practices include industrial design, jewelry making,
painting, sculpture, lead lighting, glass making, bookbinding and stone masonry.
It also has project space for hire as such theatre productions.

Founded in January 2016 by artist Braddon Snape, the Creator Incubator sprung from an increasing need for space for artists
after establishments such as NAS and The Emporium were moved out of their respective properties.

“It’s been a process of evolution. There was no grand business plan or anything like that.
There was the potential of the space and having someone give us the opportunity to use it how we wanted to,” he says.

Clyde St, Hamilton North NSW 2292 Phone: 0417 492 655

29 April 2018

The language of the odd

I know a clever, stylish, inventive man.

He has the ability to hear the language of the odd bits and pieces that inhabit our lives. 
These are the strange but endearing objects, pieces of fabric, little drawings, etc.
that we simply cannot throw away because they speak to us.

We often leave them in a dark corner with other more recent purchases placed in front of them. Or they are shoved into a drawer, where they wait patiently for their day in the sun.

TR Keller has the gift to hear and intrepret all the whisperings and hummings of these 
eclectic  'thingamagjigs' and assemble them in such a way that they sing like a choir.

Visual music to our eyes.
And he does it with great easy.


What a clever talented man. He is always an inspiration.
Seasonal Concepts 122 Redfern Street Redfern Sydney 2016 Australia

21 April 2018

Keeping art fresh

The joy of tupa ware. 
The equal joy of slip cast porcelain.
And finally, the joy of art!

03 April 2018

The weight of creativity

Once it could said that Redfern Street in inner Sydney was always a little on the thin side 
for a place to take a coffee and have a chat with friends or locals. 

And then a shift occurred in the hood.

An explosion of cafes, restaurants, and wonderful new stores full of beautiful pre loved things appeared.

The cafe COFFEE, TEA & ME opened in 2011, helped changed the sense of the hood for the good, better, best.

The first inventive cafe furniture of Coffe,Tea and Me, was a delight. 
Interesting people taking theircoffees, sitting on the most charming pre loved, pre used objects that work very well _
An old wooden 
ironing board serves as a table for four, bicycle seats that have been placed on top of stools, kindergarten tables and chairs
all offer you a place to sit and watch 
the hustle and bustle of the street. 

Now one can find small tables made of old bathroom scales anchored securely to metal legs.
Yet another charming, witty 
simple idea. 
Coffee, Tea & Me 93B Redfern Street, Redfern Sydney.  t:02 9008 7121