15 March 2012

The Fridge Jury

I know a very clever young designer, who lives in Newcastle, Australia. 
 Her name is Fleur Bennett.  She is talented, down to earth and very witty. 
She sent me these drawings, now I am sending them to you. ENJOY!

"Dear Jack-Attack
This series is called 'Some People I've Met Lately' although there is one image of Bob Carr titled 
''Geez Bob, You're A Smug Fucker' (but I've never actually met him). 
Generally each character has his or her own title such as: 'I'm Just with him for his Brain.' 
or 'The Train from Gosford is Fraught with Danger and Bogans' and 'Getting my Hair Cut Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time.'

I'm inspired to draw by people I meet or see in the street or even in the paper. 
I get very excited when I see one of those old men with the ears and nose that never stopped growing and a face full of character lines, 
I find RSL's are an excellent hunting ground for great faces. 
I just love the infinite possibilities of the human face...I mean we all have two eyes, 
a nose and a mouth, yet each of us is instantly recognisable as our own person.

Artworks are drawn using gouche and ink on canvas. Canvasses are 4x4 inches in size. Each image takes one to two minutes to draw - any longer and 
I find you get done for harrassment or worse... let's just say an old bloke with a 
skinful of shandies can be tough to shift. At the moment I seem to be going through a blue phase, i'm not sure how long this will last.

I like to stick my artworks to the fridge (on magnets) for a while 
before I group them because then every time I open the fridge (and lets face it - 
it's quite a bit) I can figure out what order they look best in and how I can improve future artworks."

04 March 2012

Nothing square about this

Grannie squares are so not hip, or cool, or designer.  
However, when you shift the places you expect them to be seen or how they are used, you have a grannie square of an entirely different colour.  
Found this very amusing and visually exciting animal head in the window of Garden Life which is on the corner of Cleveland and Young Streets, Surry Hills, 
Sydney, the other night. 
(On my way home from a very successful Mardi Gras) 
What a delight!  Get that wool and crochet nettles out. Get square.