28 July 2014

Hit the Road Jack!

The magic of the road. The promise of a new adventure every day. 
The resurgence in popularity of the humble caravan.
And we are not talking about the modern monsters that fill the lanes of the freeways and byways 
but the darling old caravans of a bygone time.

A time of freedom from care and fear. 
When young people trying to find a sense of peace in the late nineteen forties and fifties hit the road 
just to enjoy life again. 
Every day a different town, a different beach and hopefully the beginning of a different life.

Caravans rock!

24 July 2014

Watermelons everywhere!

Redfern, the inner city Sydney suburb is being filled with slices of watermelon big and small.
Each new day brings yet another new piece.

Of late the watermelon has wandered away from the pink red slice of the spectrum and has been playing in the blue and yellow sections.

Its a simple but generous act done by someone who is unknown to us but loved by all of us.
Thank you Watermelon  Person.

18 July 2014

Cool dresses. Warm colours.

At this time of year ( Winter time in the Southern hemisphere ) these beautiful vintage summer dresses are just not needed.  
But the colours within their patterns: sweet pink, pink, magenta, red, brick red, burgundy have warmth, and life, and energy and are always in demand.  
Just love colour!

17 July 2014

This is a mural.

One day my neighbour asked me in to have a drink.  
It was to my surprise and delight that I was greeted by a wonderful folly.  
This beautiful exercise in creativity sits quietly and peacefully on an inner city terrace dining room wall.  
It thrilled my sensibilities, and deserves to be seen and enjoyed by many. Just love people making or doing beautiful, simple and brave things.

16 July 2014

Bee A Friend

They give us honey. Without them no flower would be pollinanted.
They make it possible for us to grow and harvest our food.
Thank you Apis mellifera.

For information about urban beekeeping look at

07 July 2014

Street Chairs...they just keep coming.

Where do all these chairs and lounges come from? Why are they so readily abandoned? 
Have they not supplied rest and comfort at any time night or day without the slightest resistance? 
Now left to fend for themselves on the cold hard streets of the city…it’s sad.  
With a little imagination, some good deodorizer, and some strong friends, you could have a new couch…for free. 
Per che no!

03 July 2014

The Beauty of Decay

The beauty of things that are decaying seems to be an oxymoron but it isn’t really.
Flaws, wear and tear, and age are all ingredients for true character.
A sense of uniqueness. Of being special, one off...something to be honoured.
There is a repository of old wares, wonderful things of faded beauty,
all with their own history, their own unique tale to tell or fill your life or home with.

It is called Tarlo & Graham on Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.
If one picture is worth a thousand words, the pages above will speak for themselves.

“I have always looked upon decay as being just as wonderful and rich an expression of life as growth.” Henry Miller