30 November 2014

A belated JOYDAY

Now we know that JOYDAY is the 25th of November every year. 
And we also know that the 25th of November was last week.  
But the fact remains that there is something that brings us a little piece of JOY in our lives every day.  
So celebrate that thing today or tomorrow or whenever it suits, but do celebrate it, it will make you smile...promise.

27 November 2014

The light fills the already full space

The overview of this delightful store describes it as, “Imported from the cold French seaside to balmy Brisbane, Australia.”

When shiftazine first entered this once-was light industrial huge shed, it was a very hot, humid day outside.  
Inside the space, the air was cool and calm, and the light was soft and filled the area.

The first part of this experience found shiftazine inside a beautiful cafe space that has the capacity to transports you immediately to somewhere in the south France. 
A lightness, a sense of the relaxed, a place where one can sit and just be has been created here.  
The coffee is fine and there is some talk of cider (perhaps) eventually being offered...just perfect on a Brisbane Summer’s day.

Behind the cafe the space opens out to reveal a selection of objects ranging from French antiques and vintage fabrics, 
such as wonderful old linen sheets and bedspreads, through to funky fifties and sixties lounge room furniture.

Large, glass flagons float from the roof, as do authentic bench wood chairs.  
This is a 360 degree experience that is more than a store or a cafe...its a destination.

25 November 2014

Sit yourself down, as there is a story to be told

This image of the latest 'Street Chair' observation was created by a fine young designer Luke Cooper. (Shiftazine thanks him for the use of it ). 
It speaks volumes about how strange real life is. How on earth did this love seat get here?

Where do all the street chairs go? Hopefully not all go to landfill, although on this occasion I would not be surprise.
The streets are full of visual curiosities and delights and useful stuff.
Keep your eyes peeled...take it all in.

23 November 2014

A snappy combo

It was the colour of the laces that first attracted attention, then the saffron yellow of the skirt, which complemented the jaunty purple and blue combo of the shoes’ soles, made the story complete.

17 November 2014


"Graffiti means making marks on surfaces using just about anything, be it markers, spray,  paint,  chalk,  lipstick,  varnish, ink.
Or it can be the result of scratches and incisions.  The aim is to maintain the energy created by disturbance or excitement in the street." 

Chalk drawings are all around the streets of any urban environment. People need to see them, noticed them, love them, embrace them. 
People need to create them, fill their world with them. Go and buy some chalk today, pick a bit of tarmac and DRAW! 

13 November 2014

I love a bit of glitter

These beautiful tiny shoes covered in sea shells are lovingly made by a wonderful indigenous Australian artist called Esme Timbery.
The work shown on this page entitled ‘Shellworked Slippers 2008’ is a part of the MCA’s permanent collection. 
It is made from shell, glitter, fabric, cardboard and glue.

Shiftazine was fortunate to have visited Esme at her La Perous home on the north shore of Botany Bay.
Her work space, a kitchen table, was covered in tiny shells that her family had collect for her, from up and down the south coast of NSW.

Her place was totally old school suburban. 
And yet some of the most endearing art of contemporary Australia is created in this simple, unpretentious environment.

Esme’s work spans a diverse range of projects including shoes for a ‘Children of the Revolution’ fashion house runway show, 
and no home is complete until it sports one of her shell and velvet covered Harbour Bridges.  
(My friend Gavin bought one for his darling wife one year...lucky girl!)

10 November 2014


Take a drive one weekend around the rapidly changing gentrified, once light-industrial area of Wickham in Newcastle NSW.  
Turning down one small street and up the next was a constant delight with the discovery of one mural after another.
Who does these? Don’t know.
Why do they do them? For the joy of creating something beautiful, witty, loud, I guess.
The walls of the converted factories are groaning with huge murals and images that have been conceived, considered and constructed with great energy and execution.