27 November 2017

Good design does not have a 'used by' date.

Fake wooden wall panels are usually the worst interior scenario, but not this time.
Parker furniture from the mid sixties and the glass grapes are perfect;
not to mention the orange sheer curtains and ‘mother-in-law tongues in a cement pot.

Most of the beautiful Danish furniture in this home designed and produced in the mid twentieth century, had collected dust in the back of ‘op-shops’ for decades.
Now and for the past decade these wonderful pieces of design are  being grabbed by inner city interior retailers.
Sadly, much of this furniture is has become over priced and over exposed.
But there is still hope for lovers of past design who have a limited budget.
Go out to the small country towns, and you might find treasures untapped, although they will probably need a lot of work.

(These images were created by the wonderful photographer Harold David, who was so supportive in the early days of Shiftazine.)

25 November 2017

Beauty Unrecognised: JoyDay

#shiftazine and a street surprise. #lookaroundyou #rubbishthatain’t #beautyunrecognised #Joyday.

Yes its here. That important day of the year where joy is your main consideration.
A piece of plastic from a construction site caught on some barbed wire, shredded and dancing in the wind.
A street surprise.
It is ever present in out urban lives.

JoyDay: 25th November...every year.

21 November 2017

JoyDay is coming: 25th November

JoyDay is coming on the 25th of November, and as always
the key thing to remember for that day, is to celebrate
the tiny or maybe big things that bring you joy.

We focus on the negative too much (I am guilty of that) but
it is the recognised, and sometimes unrecognised, joys that surround us which can 
bring a healthy, happy boost to our lives.

This image is a shadow play I recorded in Melbourne a few years back.
I loved the image but just did not know what it was that delighted me about it.
Then I realised, it was the range of hues and tones within the shadows that
spoke to me.

So have a look into the shadows (a good thing to do from time to time anyway),
and find the surprising colours within.

A small joy but joy is joy.

05 November 2017

Wallism_November: Ode to 'old school' design

Package design is an ever-present part of the urban landscape. 
Strangely, cigarette and tobacco packaging, a key to the overall identity of this commodity,
is vilified in many modern cultures.
Although people within those cultures still use the product inside.

In other cultures, usually more ‘old school’, this visual language is still considered an attractive and acceptable part
of the every day advertising and promotion campaigns.