26 November 2016

Ruffle my raffia @ Carriageworks

A performance that filled a huge space with colour, and raffia, and beating drums, and movement and dancers and delighted persons of a diverse age range occurred at the Carriageworks a few weeks ago.
Why there was this performance, I do not know.
Who was this Nick Cave from the US of A? As the Nick Cave I know of is Australian and somewhat morose in general.
Anyway, the event was great! Exciting, stimulating.
It was art, and it was there for all of us for free, which made it even better.
Just love the Carriageworks, Redfern, Sydney, Australia.
A big thank you!

24 November 2016

Its JoyDay again!

It is JoyDay again.
This is the 7th year that it has been celebrated.

There are many things that bring shiftazine joy...many things, but on reflection it is being loved and having the opportunity to love that brings the greatest Joy.

So with that in mind, it was truly appropriate to celebrate my dear bark-angel Jack.
The great bringer of Joy and love.

This post is six years old but the inspiration for it and the contents in it have not a fade, even a tiny bit.

Celebrate the things, even the tiny ones, that bring you Joy, the 25th November.

23 November 2016

Street. Find. Colour

This beautiful palette was found in a back street of Limassol, Cyprus.

The tiles were adorning an old store front, which had clearly been closed up, shut, for a long time.
A sad sight in general, but the wall tiles glowed, radiating a positivity which pulled me across the road.
There are colour conversations all around us, it is just there for us to see, hear, feel, and learn from.
Colour is a key part of our lives. It signals danger or a find. It triggers emotion and reaction. It is the stuff of life. 


14 November 2016

A beginning...

“Let every dawn of morning be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close.”
 John Ruskin, The Two Paths

There is something about early morning light that delights every time one is in it. That time of the day is still, and empty, but at the same time full of possibilities.

Early morning walk in Spring. Redfern Oval, Redfern, Sydney, Australia.

08 November 2016

ChalkTalk = Play

Chalktalk: is the evidence of play. 
And play equates to inventiveness, idea generation, amusing oneself, being involved, enjoyment, creativity, solution creation, messing around, enjoying oneself.

Basically all things positive.
Go buy some chalk and draw something that does not make sense to anyone but yourself.