30 November 2015

The 'otherworldly' found in a garbage bag.

A couple of black garbage bags, some marking tape and a sense of the Baroque helped create this moment at the ‘Dare to Fail’ salon. 
The otherworldly appeared from the mundane to haunt us and draw us closer. 

24 November 2015


Old places, beautiful light, unexpected still lives bring me JOY.
It’s JOYDAY, so celebrate it by embracing those tiny things that bring you JOY.
25th November
every year.

19 November 2015

Curiosity killed the cat...and then what happened?

Curiosity killed the cat, but it will make you buy a book that you had no idea what the title is.
Elizabeth’s Bookshops has invented this wonderful, quirky way to sell books in a world that has stopped buying them.  
Take books from the shelf, wrap them in brown paper, write a list of what the key ingredients are in them, tie them with string, 
and wait for the irresistible pull of curiosity.  
It apparently works a treat.

Elizabeth’s Bookshops:  845 Hay Street (cnr. King Street) Perth and 257 Kings Street, Newtown, Sydney.

15 November 2015


Find some joy in your day, everyday...and they do not win.
Peace to ALL of us.

Not Afraid...Paris Now

Shifting one's perspective of the world does not come through comes through personal enlightenment, personal understanding of the scheme of things and our own place in it. 
Darkness has tried to take over our world, but the light must still shine brightly.
Not afraid.

12 November 2015

Flat Out

When times are tough and money is short, but life keeps coming, 
the need to be innovative in problem solving kicks in big time, 
and these images speak to exactly that.

The use of old metal barrels, that would have been used on the farm or country property, 
often sitting discarded when empty, and becoming an eyesore, 
cut and then flattened to cover the outside of the farm buildings is a wonderful idea.

The past is full of inventive, lateral thinking. When there is no money, there is always imagination. 

05 November 2015

A playful idea

This wonderful, playful dress is a great example of shiftazine thinking.
Almost everything has a second life in it, so well done to the clever, inventive creator of this fun solution.

03 November 2015

Tea Towel cushions = JOY

Every Summer tea towels that have been collected from a diverse range of markets, and second hand stores throughout the year are dragged out 
and placed in a pile on the work table.  
Cushions, and pillows that are in desperate need of a refresh are assembled.  
Interesting buttons, fringing, scraps of other fabrics are also placed near by.  

The TV is turned on, the tennis begins and so does the sewing.
At the end of it all, a tennis champion is crowned, and a selection of wonderful cushions and pillows inhabit our outdoor and indoor living spaces, 
ready for another Summer’s entertaining. Such joy!