21 October 2014

Nothing Remarkable

A block of flats at dusk. 
Nothing remarkable unless you look at the rhythm of the elements, then it’s a painting, a modernist image.
It’s an Edward Hopper.  Its beautiful. But you have to look past the surface. 
It’s all there.

13 October 2014

Nothing goes to waste

The idea is to recycle, reuse those black plastic containers that usually hold new, baby plants by painting them with white enamel paint.  
This application of painted dashes and lines and other motifs transforms them in the most inventive way. 
Love clever and resourceful thinking and doing.

09 October 2014

A dash of beauty

The 107 Cafe in Redfern Street abounds with creative and inventive art and energy. 
The walls are a vehicle for an understated and elegant mural executed by a bright young artist and designer called James Harney.  
This work dances across the soft grey wall with a dash of colour here and there. It is a beautiful thing.

The art of the mural appears to be making its presence felt all over the world. 
From the murals in Berlin, discussed last year, through to the beautiful folly found on a Redfern terrace dining room wall, they are flourishing.

07 October 2014

The refreshing power of colour

Summer approaches us and the colours of the street are aglow.

Remember to celebrate the things that you bring you JOY on the 25th of November.

03 October 2014

Taking it all in : Brisbane style

In a corner of inner city Brisbane know as Albion, mainly known for light industrial, a group of 'not what one expects' interesting and enjoyable enterprises are popping up. 
One of these is STALLED EXPRESSO Cafe. 
Itself situated in the corner of a single storey warehouse, it is an inventive, self-created interior design solution which is very pleasant to spend some time in while taking a coffee. 
Go see for yourself. 

38 Collingwood Street, Brisbane QLD 4010. Phone 0432 686 749 Open Monday – Saturday 

02 October 2014

Home Delivery

In Queensland and Northern NSW, Australia, you can get home delivery.
These houses are being held in a holding yard on the outskirts of Brisbane. 
They are no longer wanted by their owners for what ever reason, but rather than pulling them down, losing all the wonderful history and architecture that goes with them, 
they take these wooden houses from their foundation stumps and move them to here and similar places like this found around the South Eastern corner of Queensland.  
This is the coolest piece of recycling Shiftazine has ever seen.