30 October 2012

A Mid Century Colour Palette

The colour ways of the 1940s and 1950s possessed a subtlety and depth that has been lacking in the popular culture design colour palette for a while.  
The colours of that time had a softness that wraps around the user like a comfort blanket.

The colour plays in this article are based on a series of 1940s wartime magazine covers. Some of these colour plays utilise the same colour palette, seen at base of page. 
They are exercises in engaging a different combination or placement of the same colours to create different atmospheres or ambiance. 

Whether the palette is based on primary colours (red, yellow and blue) or a more subtle palette of soft grey greens and sand hues, the results and dialogue can be truly exciting and not dated.

These palettes could be the source of endless possibilities.  Play with colour.  
Be brave and don’t be a slave to what is considered the “NOW” palette.  
Invent your own “NOW”.

21 October 2012

Kookas on the street

I found this amazing caravan one day walking down Redfern Street. I LOVE  IT! 
This caravan is a part of an initiative called KOOLPURPLEKOOKAS and it is all about indigenous people teaching other indigenous people and 
communities the health benefits of eating bush tucker. 
Go to for the full story, they tell it a lot better than shiftazine can. 
We think that it is a true example of shiftazine thinking. 
Well done to Corey Grech and his family.

16 October 2012

Is anybody listening?

Human beings are pretty much the same wherever you go, regardless of culture they grow up in.  
They all feel the same basic emotions, and fear the same basic things.  
They need and want the same authentic things, like love and respect and encouragement.  
This truth does not need to be written with 4 syllable words, it just demands to be articulated. 
People want and need to be heard.  So listen, sometimes you will hear something new. Shift a little.

09 October 2012

The Plastic Arts

I love plastic beaded curtains and have ever since I first saw them in Italy awhile ago. I have always suspected that a plastic beaded curtain could do more than just keep the bugs out on a hot summer’s day. 
An installation by Dani Marti entitled 'LOOKING FOR FELIX 2000’ exhibited at the Newcastle Art Gallery in 2011 proved  that  my heartfelt suspicion was correct. 
The installation was made from many, many long rows of glowing red plastic beads. 
You could walk through them, around them, loose yourself in them.  
Intoxicating! 'LOOKING FOR  FELIX  2000’ was gifted to the Newcastle Art Gallery in 2005 by the artist. 
It is a great piece of SHIFTAZINE thinking in action.

08 October 2012

Life outside the big smoke

A while ago my friend, Fran, visited a country show where all the best produce, livestock and home economics where on display.  
The craft, care and love that is invested in developing a better egg or pumpkin or a strong, healthy chook benefits everyone. 
It was a delightful and important reminder that there is more to a culture than what is found in the urban environs.  
Get in the car or on a train and take a trip out there to a different perspective...
it's not cutting edge in the obvious way but in effects our every day lives more than you think. Shift a little.

02 October 2012

Complex simplicity

Art and creativity has always brought me JOY. 
The end result of creativity does not need to be complex in its mechanics. 
As a matter of fact, it is the simple delivery of complex ideas that often drive the impact of art.  
Strips of plastic mirror hang on a wall or plain bright coloured cards which turn randomly are simple but at the same time complex. 
These pieces of creative intent were a part of the Sydney 2012 Biennially.