27 March 2014

The 'Peasant' Culture of Brisbane

A few months back shiftazine ran an article looking at murals and how it takes some bravery to create one. 
The Barracks in Brisbane Australia, boosts a bar called Peasant that has murals over all the walls and ceiling. 
The murals were created by a well known local graffiti artist, who while painting these beautiful murals 
jokingly commented that prior to the Barracks' reinvention from a derelict government building to a groovy shopping and dining precinct, 
he use to break into the building to create his graffiti on the very same walls. 
Now the bars in the precinct pay him to create this beautiful art. Just love a touch of irony.
TRADING HOURS: Monday to Sunday: 
Dinner from 5:00pm till late; Wednesday to Sunday: 
Lunch from 12 till 3:00pm
T: (07) 3367 8066
Peasant Restaurant has been named best overall in Brisbane at the 2011 Savour Australia Awards for Excellence!
61 Petrie Terrace (top of Caxton Street), Brisbane QLD Australia 4000 

25 March 2014

Shift into reverse and see where it takes you

Reverse Garbage has become an institution in Sydney.  
It is full to the brim with rubbish, and treasure, and junk and absolutely fabulous stuff!  
It is waiting to be found and reinvented.

Open 7 days a week.

20 March 2014

Wallism_Same Same but Different

The Sun was shining and Summer is hanging on and the watermelons keep flourishing 
on the walls of inner city Redfern.  
There is a joy in the graphic element that triggers universal memories.

Shiftazine salutes the generous street artist that gives their time and paint to brings us these delights.

18 March 2014

Art is rubbish

An event in Redfern just a week ago, called the Redfern Biennale brought yet another dimension to living in this area of inner city Sydney.  
The entire premise for Redfern Biennale is very shiftazine in its philosophy. 
Shiftazine was very fortunate to be apart of this wonderful, innovative day which was the brain child of gallerist Damien Minton.

The following article from The Broadsheet summed up the event: 
A housing commission precinct is hardly the first place that springs to mind for a Biennale. But this
weekend there’s the chance to experience exactly that. The inaugural Redfern Biennale takes its
inspiration from the social media account of Damien Minton Gallery, which profiles the provoking 
and unintentional beauty in Redfern’s streets.

With a brief that casts its net far and wide, the aim for artists and other willing participants is to create
artworks in the housing commission area or to point out what’s already in situ. The day begins by
picking up a Biennale map at the gallery, which details the location of each of the works in the area,
and then head out on foot to find the compelling and baffling delights.

This Biennale is bound to contain a rich variety of artworks, found objects and unexpectedness. It’s a
location which is rarely associated with high aesthetic ambition, but with this “clusterfuck of
ephemeral artworks”, as described by Minton, you’re bound to see high art as well as more humble
splendors. From the Broad Sheet: By Celina Siriyos

07 March 2014

Creative thinking never weighs you down

Once it could said that Redfern Street in inner Sydney was always a little on the thin side for a place to take a coffee 
and have a chat with friends or locals. And then a shift occurred in the hood.
An explosion of cafes, restaurants, and wonderful new stores full of beautiful pre loved things appeared.

The cafe COFFEE, TEA & ME opened in 2011, helped changed the sense of the hood for the good, better, best.

The first inventive cafe furniture of Coffe,Tea and Me, was a delight. 
Interesting people taking their coffees, sitting on the most charming pre loved, pre used objects that work very well _
An old wooden ironing board serves as a table for four, bicycle seats that have been placed on top of stools, 
kindergarten tables and chairs all offer you a place to sit and watch the hustle and bustle of the street. 

Now one can find small tables made of old bathroom scales anchored securely to metal legs. 
Yet another charming, witty idea.  

93B Redfern Street, Redfern Sydney. t: 02 9008 7121

05 March 2014

Vespa_2 cool 4 now

Downscaling one's lifestyle in all its aspects does not mean comprising one's cool factor.  
As a matter of fact, the more concerned we are with dear planet earth, the more attractive we are. 
Lose the 4 wheels, let alone the 4 wheel drive, get 2 wheels and rediscover your city.
La regina della strada!

02 March 2014

Panelpop Art Gallery...A sweet surprise

Brunswick Street, Smith Street, Johnson Street, Gertrude Street are all in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.  
It has quiet a few art galleries and Panelpop is one of them.
Nice people, with a lovely sense of style.  These following pages feature an exhibition that was shown during summer, 
(apologies to the artist as her name has completely slipped my mind, but the gallery would be able to tell you). 
Next time you find yourself in that neck of the woods, go say 'Hi'.  They will most likely say 'Hi' back.