21 February 2018

Life is a series of moments embedded with Joy

Our lives are a series of moments which turn into memories and lessons and insights that become embedded within us. Joy is spread through those memories. 

Celebrate the tiny things that bring you Joy on 25th November every year.
But maybe it would be cool to celebrate Joy whenever we think about it or experience it.

14 February 2018

"old school" is not a crime

There is something about a lovely, ‘old school’ sink and tiles that speak to me on a hot, hot day. ‘
'Old school’ anything can possess a charm that simply cannot be reproduced.
It saddens me greatly to see these beautiful domestic objects get ripped mercilessly out of houses during renovations, and just thrown into skips.
Never or rarely given a chance to live on, functioning as they were designed to.
‘Old’ is not a crime.

12 February 2018

Just can't forget Berlin: Colours of Berlin No.6

It is impossible to forget Berlin.
The constant kaleidoscope of details one observes makes me think that Berlin is more like the Solar System than a city.

And just like the Solar System, there are different culture planets that all orbit around the heart of this amazing place.
Each culture planet is a world unto itself and thus, there are many ways
one can perceive a ‘treat’.

Take for an example, both bubble gum from some slightly worn gum dispenser marked with the going dialogue of the street all over it,
or a selection of delicate, old school sugary hits, served up in a refined tea room or café, deliver the same desired effect of reward and treat,
depending on the culture planet one is from.

The most amazing thing about Berlin is that these culture planets live side by side, cheek by jowl, overlapping forever.

07 January 2018

Learn to speak colour

These images are from separate exhibitions viewed in Australia within the last two years. 
One was a part of the fabulous ‘Future Fashion’ held at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, 
and the other was from the 'Chuck Close' show at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), in Sydney, Australia. 

Both were extraordinary shows.

The cohesive theme between these two very different shows and thus images is colour. 
The ever present element that drives our psyches. 
That feeds our souls.

There are constant dialogues and conversations occurring between colours, tints and hues. 
The amount of colours now available to everyone is both a delight and a disaster, as like all languages, one must learn how to speak 
but in some ways, more importantly, learn how to hear the nuances of that language.

Learn to listen to the colours you are looking at. 
What are they saying both from a physiological and semiotic perspective. 
How do they make you feel or for that matter, what do you want them to say?
Learn to speak will change your life.

04 January 2018

There is more to a beaded curtain...

I have always suspected that  a PLASTIC beaded curtain could do more than just keep the bugs out.
An installation by Dani Marti called 'LOOKING FOR FELIX 2000’,
exhibited in the hay days of the Newcastle Art Gallery in 2011, proved that my suspicions were correct.

03 January 2018

What do cotton candy and cherry blossom have in common?

It is almost impossible for me to describe how I feel about the colour PINK. It is beautiful, it is tacky.
It holds a universe of meaning.
The words below are truly beautiful, poigaint. Please take a moment to read them.

Pink flowers; 
Pink pens;
 What about a pink life

; Pink stars
; Pink trees; 
What a pink life that would be; 

Pink shoes; 
Pink dresses; 
That is the pink fashion life for me! Claudia Wilson

I have never see a pink cloud rain before. 

I have only seen a magenta bolt of lightening try to strike my heart,
 Aqua tears trickling from my dazzled misty eyes, down my
 Flushed and lonesome cheek, though 

I have never see a pink cloud rain before.

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before.

I have seen spotted purple snakes crawling up my bedroom walls, and
 Transparent bubbles filled with dreams 
floating before my very eyes, though, 

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before.

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before, though 
I have seen a reddish sun cast shadows down upon a tortuous, rippling river; 

I have seen tears cascading down a sloping hill, and 
Gulls flapping their gentle, feathered wings atop some cragged cliffs, although 

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before.

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before, although 
I have heard eerie and commanding thoughts and voices 
That no one else could hear. 

I have had disturbing, stabbing thoughts that have injured me inside, though 

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before. 

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before, although 
I have slid down an icy mountainside on
a very sunny night.

I have wept a sea of deep blue and purple tears, though 

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before.

I have never heard thunder clap behind a rosy cloud, or seen
Tears fall from heaven or
have heard angels singing. 

I have had morbid thoughts of loss, death and suicide, 
While thunder clapped, and
these pink clouds could not rain.


Perhaps someday I shall see a pink cloud rain upon a 
Magnificent world, which I have created for myself,

where tall green and golden reeds are surrounded by swirling water pools, and 

a hallucinogenic sun sets behind high and mighty mountains.

And there, people would be trustworthy and true to heart.

No, I have never seen a pink cloud rain before,
I have seen almost everything there is to see -

Some good sights and some bad-

I have heard some screaming voices echo in my mind, although, 

some quiet ones as well. 

have seen some orange and, pinkish sunsets, and mirages in
 the fortress of my own mind, however-

I have never seen a pink cloud rain before,
I have never seen a pink cloud weep before….

Claudia Krizay

19 December 2017

December's Street Chair

There are a thousand delightful, surprising cameos on our local streets and lanes...everyday.
And abandoned chairs seem to be a part of many of them.

16 December 2017

Give something that is not brand new for Christmas

Christmas is upon us and money is being thrown around like water buying new, unnecessary stuff for people who one may or may not love or even like.

But it is about giving that we are told makes us better people.

I reckon what would make us even better people that giving new things, is finding things that already exist and saving them from becoming landfill.

Go to an 'op shop', a fete, a fantastic store like Seasonal Concepts in Redfern or the Flea market in Athens and find that unique thing that has a history and is made to last.
It will be half the price and ten times the quality of today's mass produced objects.

Do it. It is fun going through those places and the satification you feel when you have FOUND IT!

Recycle, upcycle, repurpose. 

13 December 2017

Run away and join the world : City Circus Athens

City Circus is a wonderful hostel, literally in the heart of Athens.
It is a ‘ball of style’. 

And it has a beautifully design website to give you all the information you will need to organize your stay there.

The site has a sense of fun and its playful concept and visual communication is consistent with the quality of style and detail that one will find at this refreshingly charming place,
where one can rest their mind, body and soul. Well at least until the next round of adventures and drinks.

People do not get the recognition for the designing and production of good websites, so here are the credits for the website:
Designed by
Developed by George Alatzas
Photos by Olga Tzimou

The following text is found on the City Circus site, and it will give you all the information you need to have a WONDERFUL time in one of the great cities of the world.

“The two buildings that house City Circus Hostel and Zampanó restaurant are dated from the late 19th century and have been declared historical monuments.

 Being regarded as the epitome of turn-of-the-century Greek architecture, they are considered a cultural cornerstone of the Psyrri area. The buildings remained largely unused from 1970 until 2011 when the City Circus team discovered them in their search for the ideal location. 
It was a perfect match.
After a whole year of preparations and internal redesign work, City Circus opened its doors in the summer of 2012 and quickly became one of the highest rated hostels in Europe”.

16 Sarri str. Athens 105 53, Greece
tel. +30 2130 237244
fax. +30 2130 237244
email. info[at]citycircus[dot]gr
skype. city circus