29 June 2014

JOYDAY_Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.*


It’s that time of day or night when all things are possible.
The joy of beginnings...Celebrate the thing that brings you JOY.
Remember every 25th November is JOYDAY!

27 June 2014

'And fast I gather, bit by bit'

Tables of driftwood.  Made by hand for a wonderful bar called The Rocks, that is perched on ancient lava flows which spill into the Moclos Bay of the Mirrenbello Bay, Crete.  
The same bay and view were enjoyed by Anthony and Cleopatra, who stopped for a brief respite while they were en route to battle with the Roman legions in North West Greece. 
These where the legions he had deserted for the love of a great beauty.  
These tables hold great beauty too, as they are not just rubbish adrift on the waves but are the separate pieces that make a whole in the form of delightful furniture.

18 June 2014

Greece Colours:No.4 The Sweet and The Bitter

The sweet trill of the little bird’s song only emphasises the bitterness of where they are singing.  
Dear little creatures born to fly and dance on the breezes, stuck in a tiny cage for the pleasure of humans who can leave at any time.

11 June 2014

The sweetness of the twilight...

Take some unused shipping containers, place them in an unused dockland right in the middle of a thriving city, add food, music and lights and the rest comes of its own accord.
In November 2013, Brisbane's Northshore suburd Hamilton, welcomed the opening of a unique shipping container-based market called, Eat Street Markets.
With more than 50 shipping containers specially reconfigured as mini-restaurants, bars, galleries and produce stores, the markets aim to recreate the ambiance of a South-East Asian night market.
Open on Friday and Saturdays from 4.00pm till 10.00pm,  and on Sunday from 11.00am till 7:00pm on the river right next door to Portside Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

10 June 2014

The threads of a good idea

At an opening last night I was almost more drawn to a wonderful jacket worn by someone than to the beautiful art on the walls.

I just had to ask where he had acquired it... New York, Paris, Sydney?

“Oh I made this myself. I just bought this tapestry from a Vinnie’s for $5.00 and then I sewed it on the back of this jacket.”

This is a great example of shiftazine thinking. 
So go to your nearest charity store or church fete and see what beautiful tapestries or pieces of fabric that will transform a jacket or coat that has lingered in your wardrobe.