22 November 2012

The Joy of Pretty Dresses

Which part of this brings me the greatest JOY:  The colours just make you want to drive into them and drown in the hues of the rainbow; 
the pretty dresses, themselves, with the patterns and styles that are all so girl power enabling; 
or is it the fact that this store 'Grandma takes a trip' in Surry Hills, Sydney up-cycles clothes and fashions that have been thrown away by its original users.  
So many reasons to be delighted.  
JOYDAY is coming, 25th November.  
Remember to celebrate the thing or things that bring you JOY (even if its a tiny little thing).  
JOY is a powerful state to live in.

20 November 2012

The Joy of Sunlight

Is there anything better than the warmth of sunlight... the way it makes water sparkle or brings a joy to a gloomy room.  
Don't forget JOYDAY is coming up on the 25th November.  
Wherever you are in the world, take some time to remember and celebrate the things that bring you JOY, no matter how small or mutable they are. 

18 November 2012

I spy with my fresh eye

A wealth of delightful, some might say, beautiful objects never cease to be found in local ‘op’ shops. 
From teacups to furniture it only takes a fresh eye to discover that special ‘piece’ for your home or work space.

Take for example the 1950s & 60s cocktail and entertaining glassware which was regularly pushed to the back of the cupboard or 
palmed off to the ‘kids’ when they moved out of the family home (finally). 
These wonderful glasses often find themselves lingering on ‘op’ shops sleeves or at local fetes and markets hoping to find a new home. 
They cost so little but are so delightful.

The 1950s furniture, that now fills the corners of ‘op’ shops, spoke of the space age and brave new world materials like heavy duty vinyl, formica and 
plastic surfaces constantly delighted its then end users. (Easy to clean. Saves you time.) 

These fine, sleek mid century designs filled young families’ newly built bungalows in new built suburbs. 
But the furniture lost its shine and was eventually pushed out to local ‘op’ shops. 
Its only crime was it was old fashioned.

My friend Harold David has an eye that spies all of these objects’ original reasons for being and happily invites them to join him in his home.  
The images on these pages were taken in rooms that Harry built out of ‘op’ shop finds.