30 September 2013

Its a sign of the times: Wallism September

Hand lettering, sign writing, the beautiful unconscious consideration of type was the norm in the first half of the 20th century.  
These examples are still around the urban landscape but they are rapidly fading and peeling away before our very eyes.  
Take photographs of these Wallism examples before it is too late, 
and love and draw pleasure from them while they are still here.

29 September 2013

In the Company of Junk

Looking for that hidden or lost treasure is an admirable past time. 
The curation of stores like The Junk Company in Melbourne and Seasonal Concepts in Sydney is an education 
and a great source of inspiration for those who see beauty in unexpected places or objects. 

19 September 2013

Vinyl Still Rocks!

I remember how buying a vinyl record was THE BEST thing I could do.  
I spent half of my first salary (which I wont even say how tiny it was) on a LP (that is 'long playing').  
I have not bought any vinyl for such a long time, but I have kept my entire collection as it is a form of telling my story.  
Music is such a great way to retrieve memories from deep within.  
There are still many a devotee who honours the look and sound and ceremony of playing vinyl on a record player.  
Italy has never gotten over vinyl, you can find some amazing record stores still in Rome and Bologna and I imagine elsewhere. 

I found a wonderful source of spinning gold when I recently road tripped down to Melbourne, Australia at 

The Junk Company at 583 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000 P: 03 9328 8121

04 September 2013

Scaling the Walls

This is a serious case of Wallism. 
Building clusters of tall concrete apartment blocks seemed like a good idea in the 1970s.  It solved so many problems and created so many new ones.  
The tall shadows they cast turned parks into waste lands where the sun shone no more. 
 The streets around them became dark, cold, wind tunnels.  
The buildings blocked the sky and the view.  Overall not a great idea.  
Unfortunately it is not that easy pulling these types of structures down, and where to do you relocate all the residents of these eyesores?

You can't pull them down and you can't bring the sun back to the surrounding areas, but

 you can treat the huge volume of wall space as delicious canvases upon which to paint graphic patterns.  

This example of Wallism was found in Potsdam, Germany which has been famous for centuries for its extraordinarily beautiful palaces and buildings.  
The world is full of great stuff, just go and have a look.