26 August 2014

The Bearded Tit comes to town. Could I have a drink with that etching, please?

The Bearded Tit flung opened its newly gold leafed door just last week on Regent Street  Redfern Sydney.
AND it is full of absolutely everything you can imagine including a bowtied stuffed rabbit, 
a  selection  of 1950s  awful art  prints,  the  rear  end  of  a  deer, half a caravan  attached to the  garden wall, a 1960s gas fireplace, etc, etc, etc.

Opened  Tuesday  to  Sunday 4:00pm to  midnight 
183 Regent St, Redfern   Sydney, Australia  (02) 8283 4082

22 August 2014

Wallism & a love letter to Anthony Lister

So there shiftazine was on a cold wet day in Darlinghurst Sydney.  
Nothing was bright. 
All was dull, flat, just plain drab. 
And then suddenly, a ballerina danced across the wall of one of those semi crumbling terrace that populate Crown Street.

If you do nothing else today, do this...go to this site
and just enjoy. Be delighted. Be thrilled. Be excited.
Be grateful for art and creative people.  

Thank you for your generous act of this mural Anthony.
Yours Sincerely

21 August 2014

18 August 2014

Madame Brussel's groove.

There we were on a hot Summer’s afternoon, drinking some great cocktails and listening to a play list that was the best of funk from the 1970s and 80s.  
Everyone looked fine and the overall vibe just kept grooving.  
The place was Madame Brussels found at the top end of Bourke Street in the CBD of Melbourne.  
Where the inside is outside and the outside is inside. Wine Bar, Pub Food, Romantic, Late Night, Outdoor Seating, Private Parties. 
Serves: Cheese Platter, Chicken Sandwiches, High Tea. 
Cocktails and Cocktail Jug Varieties: Pims Cocktail, Gin Garden, Delish Green Cocktail with Watermelon.

0396622775 Open Monday to Sunday 12 noon - 1:00am.
Level 3 (up the stairs), 59-63 Bourke Street, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

14 August 2014

A Black and White statement

We are surrounded by colour all the time.
As a matter of fact there are 12,000 known named colours, and there must be
thousands more that have not be formally named. 
So when we observed an almost exclusively black and white cameo, it is
both striking and restrained.

12 August 2014

“As I get older, I just prefer to knit. ”

“As I get older, I just prefer to knit. ” Tracy Ulman

About a year, maybe two, ago street objects, like street posts, bicycle racks
and park benches started to be wrapped in bespoke knitted covers. 
Strange… but always a delight to see. 
Now that Winter has wrapped its icey fingers around us, someone has kindly wrapped some bespoke kitted jumpers around these trees in Darlinghurst, Sydney. 
Why? Who knows...but it warms my heart when I see it. 
Shiftazine thanks you secret knitters.

11 August 2014

Turn a new page

A very shiftazine idea presented itself on Oxford Street Darlinghurst in the form of
There in a disused doorway, sits a book case full of books that are longer wanted by the original owners.
These books have not outlived their intrinsic value, they just have given what they had to offer to the past owners
and are now awaiting the opportunity to offer something new to someone else.
This is a great example of recycling or pass it on. A generous act. Love IT!

10 August 2014

A vehicle of Joy

There are some dark things happening in the world right now, 
and while this will not lighten any of them, 
it does lifts our spirits allowing some positive energy for those who need it.

02 August 2014

Chalk up some JOY

I read this anonymous quote the other day. 
It brought both tears to my eyes and joy to me core.
It rang of a secret wish that many of us have.
I hope it is true.
"Heaven is the place where all the dogs we have ever owned are waiting to greet you."

Don't forget to celebrate the thing that bring you JOY on JOYDAY, 25th November.