29 August 2013

The 1950s_A Brave New World

Shake, rattle and roll.  The theme of the 1950s.  
Every year the tribe of '50s' followers gather at Rose Seilder House, a part of Heritage House, and 
celebrate all things and aspects of the decade.
Many people describe this period as being a simpler time.  
But that would be completely misunderstanding what this extraordinary decade was about.  
It was about forgetting, for reinventing, for rejecting, for driving into a tall martini and
 whatever else it took to blur the memories of the last decade or so. 
The 1950s followed a decade of world war and before that, a decade of world economic depression.  
So there really was not a lot to hold on to. Look forward, not back.
It was the beginning of the modern age.  
It had fabulous fashion, music, films, literature, design, and architecture.  

One could go on about its creative achievements, but it was not simple, and it was not romantic, it was just different from now, thats all.

22 August 2013

Berlin Colours: No. 3 'The Enduring'

There are several metro stations in west Berlin that were built in the 1930s that are just as fresh and as visually powerful as the day they were built.  
Although the colours are bright and engaging in these happier days, they have witness some very dark and ugly actions that MUST NEVER be repeated.        

Thankfully and despite almost everything, the joy found within these colourful tiles has endured.

19 August 2013

A Fawn in the Fern

People are forever generous with their talents.  
This beautiful example of Wallism was found in a back street of Redfern Sydney on the way to the Carriage Works with its Saturday Farmers' Market. 

18 August 2013

Hello Good Buy!

2nd hand clothes, recycled fashion, pre loved wardrobe...whatever you chose to call it, its a great opportunity for budget challenged fashionistas.  
There is a world of great buys, fantastic finds, or that piece that will bring your whole wardrobe together, just out there...hiding behind less than glamourous doorways.

Go out and explore.  
Trust your own sense of style.  
Have a double hit of joy: a great piece AND a great price.  Lets go!

11 August 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

A beautiful gestalt.  There is probably one of these assemblages just waiting to be created in your own home.  
Have a play and see what happens.

08 August 2013

A rescue shelter for unloved furniture

Another example of how old junk or tied old furniture can be turned into objects that MUST be in your life. 
FURNITURE FROM THE ATTIC is such a place where you can give a rescued object a new home.  
On the corner of Glenmore Road and New South Head Road, in between the eastern suburds of Edgecliff and Rushcutters Bay, 
one can find the most delightful pieces that will just re-enforce the upcycle philosophy of shiftazine.

06 August 2013

'The Beach'

The ability to see an alternative function within an object is limitless.  
Turning an old 'tinnie' into a huge BBQ is a brilliant and innovative idea!  
Taking large glass flagons and using them as outdoor light is both creating an alternative function and a great aesthetic.  
'The Beach' in East Kreutzberg is a great place to hang out and get inspired.  

04 August 2013

Berlin Colours : No.2 'The Tattered'

The tattered furniture of the groovy bars, the tattered wall-scapes found strangely living side by side with some uber contemporary building, 
the tattered colours of a poster or a wall paper.  
They are all there, witness to the past but invited to stay a little longer.

01 August 2013

Violet Eyes

Watching Saturday old time midday movies, and a love of all things quirky were but two elements in the mix 
that has lead to an artist of flowers Myra to bring beauty to our world, one bunch of flowers at a time.
MY VIOLET_ shop 4 / 17-21 George Street Redfern. or 0405 910 029