31 January 2012

Waste not, want not

There are all kinds of Shiftazine thinking. In the most unexpected place, 
Sydney's Country Trader in Redfern, I found a great piece of inventive design. 
 The old proverb is solid in its thinking, in its logic. 
Try some of this in your life when ever you can.  
Think before you throw away.  
Those scraps of fabric could be kept and used to make something unique, 
something beautiful. 
Or those left-overs could be a great late night supper. 
Think before you throw, shift your view about what a thing can be. 

20 January 2012

Shiftazine Issue No.1

Mapping a shift

The other day I came across a wide range of school maps, just hanging around a junk shop.  
Maps are not junk!  They excite, ignite and push us to wonder what else there is.  

The colours of the old school maps are so beautiful and it made me think that one of these hanging in one's space would encourage us to 
always think beyond our set borders.  
Just reminding us that there is always more to see and be apart of. 
Rescue an old map and give it the honour it deserves.

18 January 2012

Some days are just full of delights

Some days you just keep finding wonderful examples of SHIFTAZINE thinking.  
In the upcoming first issue of SHIFTAZINE, the magazine, there are articles 
about the community gardens that are springing up all over 
the inner city of Sydney, as well as a profile on a great little shop of delights.

Just remember, its all out there in front of you, just look around and ENJOY!

05 January 2012

Shiftazine is shifting

An exciting development in shiftazine's life begins this month.  From now on the main content of shiftazine will be more like a visual diary of images and ideas that are great examples of shiftazine thinking.  The multi-page articles that you have all come to enjoy will be viewed as an on-line magazine made up of about 24 pages per issue.  This magazine will be release every 2 months, but you never know, it might be every month.  The link to the magazine will be announced on, so stay tuned, come visit us often.  You know there is always something here to interest and inspire you.  Oh boy, this year is going to be fun!